Summer report of my home town ;-)

Hello my dears!!

Yeeeah, Summertime! Do you enjoy it as well as I do?? I love my city during Summer, especially if there are school holidays! 

It is so beautiful outside, so I spend most of the time at the lake or the city park. Or even on my balcony. Got quite a wonderful view as I live on the 4th floor.

As there aren't only small things going on at my DIY front, I'll share some pics of my neighborhood ;-). 

Live in Uster, Switzerland which is the 3rd largest city of State of Zurich. So, this is enough of teaching ;-).

View from my balcony - not bad, isn't? ;-)

The following pictures show my beloved lake Greifensee ;-). It is a wildlife sanctuary which is perfect as there aren't any motor boats aloud and the 'beaches' are totally natural. It is famous for its wonderful birds colonies. There is a great bike path around the lake and it is quite easy as you only need to drive approx. 17km for one round. Did it hundred times as a child. EVERY Sunday….. my mom was hard on that ;-).

I love Lake Greifensee, Switzerland

Lake Greifensee, Switzerland

Lake Greifensee, Switzerland

Rare pic of myself - with my e-bike
Uster is called the city of water, as there are plenty of small rivers in town. So we have a wonderful city park. Around 1900 it was very famous for its textile works. But that's history….

Wonderful bridge at the city park of Uster, Switzerland
Part of city park Uster, Switzerland
Lovely bird at city park Uster

Hope you enjoyed this little tour… ;-)

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Enjoy the wonderful Summer!!


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