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Long time no hear, I know. Had a few issues with my health, but now I'm back for good ;-). 

Few weeks ago we had a BBQ at lake Greifensee. A friend made some hamburgers and I took a pic of them with my beloved KONSTRUKTOR camera by

After I developped the film (yes, I do this too and will post later about it), I uploaded it to my 'home' at You'll find it here ->

Yesterday the following picture has been featured as 'Picture of the Day':

Got pretty excited about that ;-). It doesn't happen quite often beeing featured, so I have to admit that I'm a bit proud ;-). I know, I know, I shouldn't but so what!?

Used a Fuji C200 film and, as already mentioned, the KONSTRUKTOR. 

Here some other pictures I made at this evening at the beautiful lake of Greifensee.

The following pictures are made with my iPhone 5s. You clearly see the difference, but that's what I love about both kind of photographic.

So that was my first post after a long time. A bit short but full of love. Hope you like it.

See you

Neue Taschen für den Frühling

Hallo Ihr Lieben

Der Frühling zeigt sich bereits von der besten Seite. Juhuuuu! 

Die folgenden Taschen sind momentan verfügbar. Bestellen kannst du via Email oder Telefon.

076 236 23 00

Ich freue mich!
Alles Liebe

Kleiner Shopper:

Lässt sich oben weit öffnen. Mit Magnetknopf als Verschluss und kleiner Innentasche. 35 CHF

30cm breit
36cm hoch
10cm tief unten
20cm tief oben

Grosse Beuteltasche

Mit Innentasche. Auf der Seite hat es zwei Schlitze damit sich die Tasche weit öffnen lässt. 40 CHF

40cm breit unten
25cm breit oben
40cm hoch

With love for Syria

Dear all

Today three years ago the war in Syria started. There are 2,5 mio fugitives in the countries around Syria. I'm very sorry for all the children who lost their family and have to suffer from this war :-(.

Global call to make 

3rd anniversary of Syria crisis 

the last marked by bloodshed

Learn more about the war and what you can do:

I'll get myself a red ballon and post a picture on Instagram. 

With the new social media we've got a strong power to help or even show the people that they aren't forgotten!

Please share!

Thank you so much!