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Long time no hear, I know. Had a few issues with my health, but now I'm back for good ;-). 

Few weeks ago we had a BBQ at lake Greifensee. A friend made some hamburgers and I took a pic of them with my beloved KONSTRUKTOR camera by

After I developped the film (yes, I do this too and will post later about it), I uploaded it to my 'home' at You'll find it here ->

Yesterday the following picture has been featured as 'Picture of the Day':

Got pretty excited about that ;-). It doesn't happen quite often beeing featured, so I have to admit that I'm a bit proud ;-). I know, I know, I shouldn't but so what!?

Used a Fuji C200 film and, as already mentioned, the KONSTRUKTOR. 

Here some other pictures I made at this evening at the beautiful lake of Greifensee.

The following pictures are made with my iPhone 5s. You clearly see the difference, but that's what I love about both kind of photographic.

So that was my first post after a long time. A bit short but full of love. Hope you like it.

See you

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