How to keep the ruler on place (before you get mad)

Hello hello my DIY-Lovers

While enjoying the wonderful sun, I still work on some projects. They will be shown soon ;-). But, as I told you in the beginning, I also enjoy this wonderful summer time! 

One project is about paper jewelry. As I was cutting paper stripes I almost got mad about this ruler which wouldn't stay in place. Slippery slippery is all I can say….

My solution is very simple:

Take some textile adhesive tape and stick it on the bottom of the ruler. So simple, but soooooooo helpful.

 Example of textile adhesive tape. Found it in black and white.

It has quite a funny texture and a nice brilliance ;-).

This works also with clothes hanger:

Do you have other helpful tips? Would love to share them with you.


PS. My cat is always assisting me ;-) :

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