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Welcome back to your hometown. Hope you enjoyed a great vacation with your beloved ones!

During Summer time I enjoyed more and more taking pictures. Especially my beloved ones and my wonderful living town. Hihi, my cat is already annoyed by my cams ;-).

As I saw in CUT magazine (CUT magazine) a Summer competition with Pinhole-cameras I was amazed! Mmmh, but I was too lazy to build one by myself (find the tutorial here), so I went to the website of Lomographische AG to buy me one ;-). Yes, I am definitively an ad victim ;-). However, I bought myself a DIY-Camera called Konstruktor. I is the first 35mm plastic SLR camera.

It comes as a construction kit to build-it-yourself:

Uuuh, I was so nervous when it arrived! But I couldn't resist….had to try it! 

The next three hours (it took me a bit more than the 1-2 hours they were talking about ;-)) my table looked like this. I don't show you my devastated face as you might need some psychological assistance afterwards ;-). No, it wasn't that bad. 

After the described hours my KONSTRUKTOR has been finished! Traraaaaa:

Doesn't look great, my baby, I mean? Am sooooo proud!!

Tell you, this is a whole new experience. For me, at least! 
Reminds me so much of my first camera ;-). Everything has to be done manually. So cool to learn everything from the beginning. And I have a lot to learn, I can tell you ;-). From 24 taken pics there only 10 which can be used. Mmmh, you see, I'm not yet a professional ;-). But I don't care as I love to learn and I am known, for never giving up. 

FYI: I only show you four pics as the other are showing my beloved ones and we agreed that we keep this private. This is very important for me!

3 time exposure made at the beach of lake Greifensee

3 time exposures

5 time exposures pic with candy bears ;-)

My little crochet dragon playing topmodel

This is the start of another passion of my life, I feel it. Uff, I am soooooo ….. interested in everything….

Lots of love


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  2. There are some pinhole cameras ready to build: those are paper sheets with the corrects shapes, it's thick enough to stop the light. It let just the funny part ofthe work.