What a wonderful day!

Hello Hello

Already time for bed, but I'm an owl who loves to work nightshifts. However, I'm also active during daytime :-)). Went on a bike tour with a very good friend of mine. I live close to a wonderful lake called Greifensee. The lake is a wildlife sanctuary and preservation area. So many different birds, fishes, frogs you name are living around and within the lake. There is a genious walking and bike trail around the lake. People are allowed to swim and have BBQ's etc. Most of them respect nature and behave properly. Ups, I sound like a teacher or so.....
I just want to say that this piece of nature is home for me. 

Re our bike tour. We made one round of approx. 15km. Since I've got an ElectroBike I can do such trips once in a while. This makes me soooo happy and I feel Freedom again. 

Mmh, I didn't take pics of the millions (!!!!!) of people around the lake. I just ignored them :-)). 

Wish al of you a good start into a new week!

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