DIY - changing Ikea LACK table incl. how-to

Hello dear readers,

Ikea's LACK table is perfect for my balcony. I bought it in red, which I didn't like anymore. So it was time to give it another look:

What do you think? Do you like it or not?

If you like it, then here's the how-to:
You take a table you like, in my case was it a LACK table from Ikea in red:

Take any tie coat in white and a paint-brush. Carefully paint the table and make sure that all of the table is painted. If you like you can sand it. That's for my "perfect" DIY-friends. I am just to lazy for this ;-). 

After painting it looks like the pic above. Follow the instruction of your tie coat color. It might take up to 12 hours until you can go on with the next step.

For the next step I used color for outside use, so my table is safe from rain and other mess (such as Beer other drinks and so on...) ;-).

For the look I love I always use a paint-brush such as the one below (see the effect one pic above:


And there you go:

To apply the napkin I used napkins (of course *lol*), a paint-brush and a varnish for napkin technique:


Have fun!

I will decorate my flower pots the same and have colorful accessoires!


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